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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glass House Effect

Natural sunlight (shortwave radiation) that touches the surface of the earth will be transformed into heat and warms the earth.

Some of this heat will be reflected back by the earth's surface into space as infrared radiation long waves.

Some of the heat of the reflected sunlight will be absorbed by gases in the atmosphere that surrounds the earth (called greenhouse gases such as water vapor, and methane karbon-dioksida/CO2) so that heat rays are trapped in Earth's atmosphere.

This event is known as the Greenhouse Effect (ERK) because of events similar to greenhouses, where the incoming heat will be trapped in it, can not penetrate beyond the glass, so it can heat the entire greenhouse.

These natural events cause the earth to warm and decent human occupied, because if there is no Greenhouse Effect the Earth's surface temperature will be 33 degrees Celsius cooler.

All life on Earth depends on this greenhouse effect, because without it, the planet would be cold and ice would cover the entire surface of the Earth.

However, if these gases in the atmosphere even more excessive and continues, as a result of global warming will be superior and will increasingly continue!